Third in the series, this mystery is as much a study in wit as in suspense. Bubbles Yablonsky, blonde hairdresser and fledgling reporter for the Lehigh News-Times, leaves the Pocono love nest where she's waiting for AP photographer Steve Stiletto after getting a fax from her editor. She's off to abandoned coal mine Number Nine in nearby Slagsville, where the purported shooting of a businessman has generated a press conference.

An unconscious lover, a journey down the coal mine and an exploding jeep follow. And when local businessman Bud Price is found murdered at the mine, Bubbles' journalistic skills come into play once again. She soon discovers that Price was planning on building a casino in Slagsville. Amid her search for Stinky Koolball, her cousin Roxanne's missing husband, Bubbles finds herself the target of an unknown killer—even as she bleaches and cuts hair at the Main Mane.

This mystery has a comic twist and zany characters, from Bubbles' kooky mother, searching for a lost Polish recipe, to her friend Genevieve, armed with Sominex darts. Reminiscent of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with a Polish twist, this book will keep you in stitches. (Jul., 320 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick