Lehigh, Pennsylvania's own Bubbles Yablonsky returns in her zaniest adventure yet. She's out to solve a
murder at a hair salon while keeping her job as a local newspaper reporter. With plenty of laugh-out-loud humor, a touch of sizzling romance and a compelling mystery, Strohmeyer's latest is
a must read for mystery fans.

Hairstylist turned budding newspaper reporter Bubbles Yablonsky is helping at her friend Sandy's House of Beauty when a tragic incident occurs. Bubbles and Sandy are applying extensions to Debbie Shatsky's hair when she has an allergic reaction to the hair glue and dies. Apparently someone switched the non-latex hair glue with the latex variety that caused Debbie's severe reaction. Though Bubbles and Sandy both are suspects, Bubbles chases the case as a news story, despite her editor's dictate that she leave it alone.

Meanwhile, Bubbles' personal life is in shambles. Dan, the ex-husband she despises, is forcing her to remarry him if she wants to retain custody of their teenage daughter. But Bubbles remains in love with sexy AP photojournalist Steve Stiletto, who always seems to show up in Lehigh just in time to save her from some nefarious deed. (Onyx, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick