Though her romance with sexy Steve Stiletto is on hold, hairdresser and reporter wanna-be Bubbles Yablonsky will settle for getting vicarious romantic thrills at the wedding of her buddies Mickey and Janice. Only problem is, Janice never shows up.

Bubbles goes to the apartment where Janice lives with her wealthy uncle to find out what's going on. When she arrives, she discovers no Janice, a missing car, and a dead uncle. Bubbles' investigative instincts are aroused, and she uncovers the fact that Janice is really an Amish girl named Elspeth who was working with the cops on a case concerning some rambunctious Amish youth.

At Mickey's insistence, Bubbles heads for Amish country to get the truth. To her dismay, her aptly named mother, LuLu, and LuLu's nutty friend, Genevieve, decide to go along for the ride!

High humor and high jinks make BUBBLES IN TROUBLE a delightful, effervescent read. Strohmeyer imbues her story with warmth and charm, giving us an endearing cast of characters. All is not slapstick and chases, though, for we get a good mystery story as well! (Jul., 288 p $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg