Leaving the military, Vaughn Kyle is starting a new job with a major retail chain in a few weeks. But first he planned on visiting his parents in North Dakota. While there, hes been asked to check out the small town of Buffalo Valley since his new boss is soon to open a store there.

Vaughn had been named after a friend of his parents who died in Vietnam. The boys mother, Hassie Knight, lives in Buffalo Valley and has long treated Vaughn like a grandson, even though the two have never met.

Carrie Hendrickson is interning under Hassie in hopes of taking over the pharmacy. Her divorce had hurt, but when she meets Vaughn she sees the possibility of moving on. First though, she and the women of Buffalo Valley need to find a way to keep the big, bad retail store out of their town.

Though hes keeping his job a secret, Vaughn soon discovers he cant be a part of changing the lives in Buffalo Valley the way his new employer wants. Can he help them out of this dilemma without losing the woman hes coming to love?

Ms. Macomber brings readers once again to this very special town and allows us to catch up on the lives of characters who have quickly become like family. This romance displays the warmth and depth that her readers expect. (Oct., 256 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson