Image of Buffalo West Wing (A White House Chef Mystery)


Image of Buffalo West Wing (A White House Chef Mystery)

This first-rate culinary mystery featuring White House executive chef “Ollie” Paras includes interesting details about the White House kitchen, an intelligent heroine and a captivating plot that ends with a car chase and ruthless terrorists. Excellent pacing and details equate to a great read overall. Recipes included.

The new president and his family, are moving into the White House and that means big changes for Ollie and her staff. A batch of suspicious chicken wings are delivered to the kitchen and Ollie follows protocol and does not serve them. The First Lady is not pleased that Ollie denied her children their favorite meal, but when staff members who ate them later become ill and are rushed to a local hospital, Ollie knows she did the right thing. When it is discovered that a terrorist group is targeting the president’s children, everyone is on high alert and Ollie finds herself in a dire situation. Can she keep the president’s son — and her job — safe? (PRIME CRIME, Jan., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin