Image of Bunco Babes Gone Wild


Image of Bunco Babes Gone Wild

This light escapist fare continues the adventures that began with Bunco Babes Tell All. It's entertaining, amusing and conveys the idea that whatever else is going on in a woman's life, good or bad, it's wonderful to have
a group of friends to share it all with. As a fun bonus, Geraci has included
tips and recipes from bunco groups around the country.

When Georgia Meyer's boyfriend, who also happens to be her boss, presents her with a calculator on their fifth anniversary instead of the engagement ring she was expecting, she decides to spend a few days in Florida with her sister, Frida. On her first night there, Frida's girlfriends -- also known as the Bunco Babes -- arrive for bunco night.

Georgia is the straight-and-narrow type, but after a few drinks, some gossip and giggles with the ladies, she's doing and saying things she never dreamed of -- including revealing more than she intended to handsome new acquaintance Dave Hernandez. What starts as a weekend getaway turns into a small hiatus when Georgia has to make some decisions about the direction she wants her life to go in, both personally and professionally. (BERKLEY, Nov., 325 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers