Image of Buried Diamonds


Image of Buried Diamonds

Henry's acclaimed Claire Montrose series continues with a mystery involving a 50-year-old death and a diamond ring. While running in Portland, Oregon, Claire finds an engagement ring in a stone wall.

Claire's housemate, octogenarian and Holocaust survivor Charlotte 'Charlie' Heidenbruch, knows the ring. It belonged to her pal Elizabeth Ellsworth, who hung herself after ending her engagement to Allen Lisac. The ring forces Charlie to face painful memories, such as discovering Liz's lifeless body in the Lisac home, located just behind the wall. Charlie and Claire try to find out how the ring got there, as they confront Allen and his wife, Mary, Liz's sister.

Amid this present-day sleuthing are flashbacks to Charlie's past in Portland and horrible memories of concentration camps. The mystery intensifies when Claire's boyfriend, Dante, arrives to interview for a job as a museum curator in a wing funded by Lisac. Danger increases in this no-holds-barred novel of suspense, as hate crimes abound, and friends of Charlie's from the time of Liz's death meet with critical injuries. (Dec., 304 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick