The time has come when Saxon rebels take back the land from the invading Romans. This battle heats up in an isolated Roman villa when Saxon warrior Wulfred conquers proud Roman Melania's home.

With her father dead in battle, Melania vows to keep fighting the invaders. Wulfred is nothing but a Barbarian to her. He may control her life, even make her his slave, but she will not surrender her Roman soul.

Melania is the embodiment of everything Wulfred despises, but her fire and strong will make her the perfect challenge. If he can force her to yield, then he'll feel he has won the war for his homeland.

It is far from easy to force Melania to yield to him. Taking away her freedom does not stop her defiance, so he marries her. This only escalates their battle for control. It seems the harder they fight against their growing passion, the more they are consumed by desire.

This is true captive/captor romance with all the biting repartee, heated name calling and sexual tension inherent in this plotline. However, Wulfred and Melania's long-winded diatribes against one another become tiresome and the strong religious overtones (though historically accurate) become preachy. Ms. Dain has tried to keep this a story of two people, two cultures coming together, yet it falls a bit short. SENSUAL (Apr., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin