Image of Burn: A Novel


Image of Burn: A Novel

The high seas are full of jeopardy, spying and a good dose of humor in Howard's latest offering. Those who love Howard's brand of quirky humor combined with real chills are in for a special treat. Settle back and savor this one.

As kidnappings go, this is one for the books, as a feisty woman becomes the reluctant roommate of a man on a mission! Lottery winner Jenner Redwine sails on the maiden voyage of The Silver Mist as a favor to her friend Syd. Upon boarding the ship, Jenner learns that Syd has been taken hostage by security expert Cael Traylor who is on assignment to find out what Frank Larkin, the ship's owner, is up to. Frightened at first, Jenner quickly gets ticked off. To her annoyance, she finds Cael both sexy and infuriating. Uncovering Larkin's plan, though, is vital -- more than any of these reluctant shipmates ever dreamed! (July, 336 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith