Image of Burn (Breathless)


Image of Burn (Breathless)

With Burn, Banks brings the Breathless trilogy to a fast-paced conclusion. The intense sex between lead couple Ash and Josie is not always easy, but it is consensual and hot enough to burn a hole in the page.

Ash McIntyre finds that even though he’s not looking for a relationship, he recognizes Josie as “the one.” He has seen the right women make his business partners deliriously happy, so he commits himself to making Josie’s dream of a successful art career a reality. Unfortunately, Ash’s way of helping her is so over the top that the blowback when Josie finds out is equally extreme. But Josie realizes her overreaction and that Ash is the only one she wants in her future. Still, trouble looms on both the business and personal fronts, and as Ash’s family enters the picture, readers will learn why the family and love that friends Ash, Gabe and Jace have found on their own means so much. (BERKLEY, Aug, 353 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins