Image of Burn For Me (Phoenix Fire Novel)


Image of Burn For Me (Phoenix Fire Novel)

Eden has another winner with this book! Burn for Me features an inspired, masterful take on uncommon mythological characters placed in contemporary society. Eden has crafted two charismatic leads, each with an intriguing backstory, who will immediately win readers over. This reviewer can’t wait to read the next in the Phoenix Fire series.

Journalist Eve Bradley is on the trail of a major story. Pretending to be a doctor, she goes undercover in a secret facility that is conducting horrible tests on supernatural beings. Eve is sent to work with a gorgeous man known as Subject Thirteen. The scientists have no idea what this unnatural creature with terrifying abilities could be. Cain O’Connor has been trapped in the testing facility with no way to get free. When a new member of the staff enters his holding cell, he is instantly drawn to her — and Eve to him. Making a rash decision, Eve decides that she has to break him out of the lab. But a powerful enemy won’t let them out of his clutches that easily. (BRAVA, Feb., 352 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson