Because of a great lapse in judgment, vampire Stephan Sincai believes he must suffer and seek atonement. By not killing "made" vampire Asharti early on, he allowed her madness to cause great harm.

Stephan has agreed to become the assassin for Rubius and the vampire elders. As part of his training, Rubius' three daughters put Stephan through great torture, both sexual and physical, to increase his powers. Now Stephan's mission is to find and destroy the renegade vampire Kilkenny and his army.

Like her mother before her, Ann Van Helsing has been cursed with a psychic talent that forces her to see everything about a person if she touches them. Her discovery of a wounded Stephan thrusts her into a violent new world as she relieves his centuries of experience. But rather than being afraid, Ann sees the inherent goodness in his soul. As events come to a head, and evil and darkness loom, both Ann and Stephan will be forced to make life-changing choices.

Chapter three in Squires' blazingly hot and erotic vampire tales moves to England and introduces the Van Helsing family into the plot. When it comes to combining extreme sensuality with dangerous drama, no one does it better than Squires. VERY SENSUAL (Apr., 376 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith