Image of The Burning Air: A Novel


Image of The Burning Air: A Novel

Kelly’s third book is an exquisitely plotted story of obsession and revenge with a perfectly satisfying ending and a mid-book reveal that will leave your head spinning. The novel is bookended by scenes at a weekend home, but most of it shows how the person who longs for destruction got to that point and planned the attack. An absolute gem.

Rowan MacBride and his three grown children are gathering at the family’s country home for the first time since their mother, Lydia, died. But someone outside the group is watching, someone who believes that Lydia was hiding a deadly secret from her apparently perfect family, someone who has already been taking revenge on the MacBrides for years without them ever knowing. But the perfect revenge scheme is playing out now and the youngest grandchild, baby Edie, is in danger. (PAMELA DORMAN/ VIKING, Mar., 321 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Klose