Image of Burning Alive: The Sentinel Wars


Image of Burning Alive: The Sentinel Wars

The gifted Butcher translates her knack for dark intrigue into the hot new supernatural Sentinel Wars series. Encompassing only a three-day period, the story is lightning fast, but the ramifications are immense. Rich secondary characters should provide future adventures.

Helen Day is tormented by a vision of her own fiery death. What's especially disturbing is the presence of a handsome man who merely watches her destruction.

Theronai warrior Drake is stunned to realize that the woman who believes he will let her die may be his salvation. As one of the Sentinel races who fight in the ongoing war against the evil Synestryn, Theronai males run the risk of losing their souls over time. The only remedy is a female Theronai soul mate who can bleed off the toxic energy. Too few females exist, which means Helen could be Drake's salvation, but only if she can learn to tap her powers and survive her vision of death.

(ONYX, May, 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith