Image of Burning Dawn (Angels of the Dark)


Image of Burning Dawn (Angels of the Dark)

Showalter’s hot and troubled angels are back with a book focusing on tormented Thane. Thane’s self-imposed guilt about the cruel torture of his brother angels haunts him, as does his recent sexual slavery. Building a romance for a hero with this many issues is no easy feat, but Showalter and her gutsy heroine are more than up to the task. For fans of expertly written, gritty paranormal romance that is laced with hope, Showalter has just the book for you!

Following her family’s murder and her own kidnapping, half-human/half-Phoenix Elin Vale is just trying to survive captivity at the hands of Phoenix warriors, trapped in an encampment run by Princess Kendra. When Kendra poisons one of the Sent Ones and makes him a sex slave, Elin sees her first chance at freedom. If Elin can get the antidote to Thane, she can request he take her with him when he escapes. Thane agrees, thinking Elin is fully human, and takes her to his cloud-based club to work. Although revenge on all Phoenixes is foremost in Thane’s mind, he also finds himself drawn to feisty Elin, who is determined to build a new life. Elin knows she must keep her secrets, because if Thane discovers her heritage, she could feel the fire of his hate. (HQN, May, 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith