Image of Burning Lamp, Book Two of the Dreamlight Trilogy


Image of Burning Lamp, Book Two of the Dreamlight Trilogy

Drawing from the roots of the Arcane Society series, Quick presents the second in the Dreamlight trilogy (following the contemporary Fire Up), a suspenseful romantic mystery featuring an unlikely couple. Though the novel stands well on its own, fans will be quick to pick up the threads of the series and savor the latest from a grand mistress of the genre.

The Arcane Society grew out of the friendship, and later rivalry, between Nicholas Winters and Sylvester Jones as each strove to enhance his psychic abilities. Winters developed a lamp to hold power, but this came at a great cost: an insanity curse that plagues his descendants. Only a dreamlight reader can reverse the curse.

At 15, Adelaide Pyne was given to Mr. Smith, whose lamp she stole before he could use her powers to activate it. Years later her work as a social reformer brings her to the attention of notorious crime lord Griffin Winters, whose nightmares foreshadow the family curse. He needs Adelaide's powers to save him. Though on opposite sides of the law, there is an immediate attraction between them. Soon they're thrust into the path of both the Arcane Society and others who crave the lamp's powers. (PUTNAM, May, 352 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin