American socialite Temple Longworth is thrilled to leave the restrictions of society behind and embark on an adventure in the Arabian desert. Her excitement soon changes to horror when she is kidnapped by the handsome, virile sheik Sharif Aziz Hamid.

Sharif has already seen the lovely Miss Longworth and carefully planned her abduction. He knows she is willful, independent, wealthy and too headstrong for her own good. In his lush desert oasis, he hopes to teach her humility and passion.

Temple is enraged at the sheik's audacity and fascinated by the dashing desert prince who speaks English like a nobleman and treats her with respect, yet unleashes her dark and most secret desires. Temple's mind might resist the powerful man, but her body cannot deny her attraction.

Wild adventures and heated nights await the lovers as Temple discovers the power of both desire and love.

Nan Ryan has created another exhilarating romance combining sizzling sensuality with great storytelling. VERY SENSUAL (Sept., 323 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin