Twenty-six year-old Casey just finished law school and has a job lined up as a litigator. Problem is, she's not thrilled about joining the workforce and isn't sure she even wants to be a litigator. Her relationship with her longtime boyfriend John is too comfortable and she's troubled that she's not connected with her two best friends Kat and Lindsey.

Wanting to savor the last few weeks before work and trying to reconnect with her friends, Casey embarks on what proves to be a tense vacation with Kat and Lindsey to Italy and Greece. Lindsey is snippy with Casey most of the time and Kat is a party girl who wants to keep the peace. Casey must also deal with her parents divorcing as well as make a decision about her relationship with John.

All this adds up to one depressing "coming to grips with reality" novel. There's little happiness, little humor, and the tension between the women is tedious. Ms. Caldwell's writing style is laudable, but this chick lit novel is a downer. (Nov., 288 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust