Charlotte Wicks manages her family's Shanghai home, caring for her mentally handicapped brother, all the while yearning for something else. She knows her dearest friend, Joanna Crane, has reached heaven, and she longs to experience such pleasure. After she discovers a tigress's sacred scrolls, Charlotte wants to learn what she has seen on the pages.

Though Ken Jin is the Wickses' first boy, who keeps Charlotte's wastrel father's business running smoothly, he's also a "dragon," known for his sexual prowess. His powers are strong, but he must find a tigress to help him maintain his strength. When Charlotte appeals to him to teach her about desire, he complies.

Lee brilliantly utilizes the master-and-pupil fantasy, drawing on ancient Taoist arts, the secrets of the scrolls and the belief that by merging yin and yang one can reach nirvana. Even with a high degree of sensuality, Lee maintains a strong plotline that keeps readers on the edge, wondering about Ken's past and the dangers of practicing the tigress arts. East meets West in a mesmerizing erotic romance that's sensual and spiritual and displays Lee's talents to the fullest. SEXY (Jun., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin