Image of Burning Wild (A Leopard Novel)


Image of Burning Wild (A Leopard Novel)

The harm inflicted by a tortuous childhood makes superstar Feehan's latest hero emotionally damaged in the extreme. Building layered characters is one of Feehan's major skills, and both of these protagonists come alive in a story that spreads out over a number of years. As always, you can expect danger and excitement punctuated by sparkling passion. Feehan doesn't disappoint!

Leopard shapeshifter Jake Bannaconni's earliest memories are of vicious abuse by his parents, who had him strictly as an experiment in boosting their bloodlines. But Cathy and Ryann Bannaconni don't realize how powerful Jake will become.

Emma Reynolds is a pregnant young bride when her life tragically intersects with Jake's. Jake's former girlfriend, who's pregnant with his son, drives recklessly and causes an accident that kills everyone except a pregnant Emma and Jake's unborn son. Paramedics manage to deliver baby Kyle and, by a miracle, Emma's fetus also survives. Rich and powerful Jake feels a bond with Emma and convinces her to move in to take care of Kyle during her pregnancy. But is she safe? The evil threat of Jake's relatives continues to hang over them. The Bannaconnis will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. (JOVE, May, 445 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith