Image of Bury Me Deep: A Novel


Image of Bury Me Deep: A Novel

Like director David Lynch, but with fewer light moments, Abbott shows
the nightmare underside of sunny American life. Her latest is based on
a real-life headline-grabber, the 1931 "trunk murders" of two Arizona Jazz Age party girls by their friend. But Abbott adds her own feminist twists. She also takes you inside Marion's fevered brain as she descends into
lust, adultery, shame, murder and betrayal. You'll be riveted and horrified
by her fall.

When Marion Seeley's older doctor husband goes to South America, she turns to her co-worker Louise for friendship and comfort. Soon she's part of the fast crowd Louise and her roommate Ginny party with, and she slides into an affair with "Gentleman Joe" Lanigan, a married man and supposed pillar of society. But Joe is trouble, and he, Louise, Ginny and Marion are sitting atop a powderkeg of twisted emotions. (SiMON AND SCHUSTER, Jul., 240 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Liz French