Image of BUSHWHACKED GROOM (Bushwhacked in Time Book 2)


Image of BUSHWHACKED GROOM (Bushwhacked in Time Book 2)

Born of an ex-outlaw father and a time-traveling mother, Molly Reklaw takes up her father's challenge: Be the first of her siblings to marry and she'll inherit 500 pristine acres. Knowing that her mother time-traveled back to Mariposa to find happiness, Molly heads out to Reklaw Gorge to find her own hero.

Lucky Lamont is anything but that. When Molly finds him, he's been pushed off a cliff by an old flame's angry brother. Wounded and outraged by his latest lover's cheating, Lucky wants no part of Molly's wild plan. But she gets a kiss and he becomes the groom at a shotgun wedding.

The conflict between Molly and Lucky never gets more serious than a heated argument, and this reviewer was disturbed that Molly's siblings would actually consider killing their youngest brother because he likes to read. Several questions are left unanswered in this uncomplicated but steamy read, which leaves readers wanting more. SENSUAL (Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black