Image of Business In The Bedroom


Image of Business In The Bedroom
Abby Seymour has sunk all her money into starting a business on the Australian Gold Coast. When she arrives at her new office, she learns from Zack Forrester, the building's real owner, that she's been conned. He feels bad, so he gives Abby three months free rent. A mutual attraction develops, but Zack is nursing some guilt about the way his marriage ended. Not knowing about his marriage, Abby decides to make the first and second moves. Zack responds, but then pushes her away without any explanation. Will he realize in time that Abby is the best thing that's happened to him? Anne Oliver's Business in the Bedroom (4) is a fun and entertaining tale about the attraction of opposites. The heroine is terrific: smart, fun and not afraid to go after what she wants.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers