Image of A Business Engagement (Harlequin Desire\Duchess Diaries)


Image of A Business Engagement (Harlequin Desire\Duchess Diaries)
A BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT (3) by Merline Lovelace: Lady Sarah St. Sebastian is astounded that Devon Hunter is going to force her into a fake engagement because of her sister’s actions. Named one of the sexiest men by Sarah’s magazine, Devon is tired of having to fend off overeager women. He’ll have his revenge, though, by making Sarah his fiancée — and with family involved, there’s no way she’ll be able to say no. But what happens when their pseudo passion turns real? While this is a well-written story, it’s a shame that the plausibility’s a little overreaching, with too many convenient connections. But Lovelace’s fans will enjoy her interesting and likable characters in this first in a new series, The Duchess Diaries.
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Susannah Balch