Webber again brings readers a
comical story full of references to 1940s movies. Though the hero can
be irritating and some of the allusions
to Humphrey Bogart movies are irksome, the story is a fun escape.

Samantha is a paranormalbuster, aka Buster, one of those who capture, communicate with and move supernatural creatures. She works in the family business, the Paranormalbustin' Pest Pursuers -- Triple-P. Now a new company, Monsters-R-Us, run by Nicolas Strakhov, is competing with Triple-P for the Bustin' business, and it appears they are willing to stoop to sabotage to win customers.

When Sam's attempt to get the jump on them with a big client ends with unexpected romantic involvement, things get complicated. However, it's the death of a vampire that brings the two warring competitors together. (Love Spell, Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley