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Image of The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder (A Charlotte Adams Mystery)


Image of The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder (A Charlotte Adams Mystery)

Maffini’s latest offering in the Charlotte Adams series features all of her usual charm as Charlotte copes with her business, her mini dachshunds and a very twisty mystery that will keep even the most astute mystery lover guessing until nearly the very end of the book. There are plenty of red herrings and clues tucked into the action. The timely bullying theme is well handled, as is the subplot involving Charlotte’s evolving relationship with her friend Jack. A terrific choice for a lazy weekend afternoon.

Professional organizer Charlotte Adams is caught up in another mystery that begins with a panicked phone call from 911 operator Mona. Former high school bully Serena Redding is back in town, and former victim Mona is terrified. When another former victim of the mean girls is run down and two of the former bullies are killed, Charlotte is worried both about Mona’s sanity and about the safety of anyone else connected to those bad old days, especially when her pleas to the local police are ignored. (PRIME CRIME, Apr., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter