The butler did it—and boy, did he! While Morgan Drummond, Marquis of Westham, is away, his enterprising majordomo rents out his London townhouse. All is well until Morgan unexpectedly arrives to find his home full of strangers. There's the Clifford family—beautiful Emma, her silly mother, her clever grandmother and her wastrel brother—Mrs. Norbet and Lord Edgar.

When Morgan insists they pack their bags, Emma's grandmother resorts to blackmail. Morgan relents and to save Emma's reputation, insists they pretend she is his ward. While the outraged Emma and the arrogant marquis fight a lively battle of wills, Mother Clifford becomes involved in a con game with Sir Edgar to swindle people out of their money, Emma's mother falls in love with the butler, her brother starts raising cocks for fighting, and in general the house is in an uproar.

But that's not all—by the end of this utterly hilarious book you'll be laughing so hard you'll be crying. Michaels' ingenious sense of humor reaches new heights as she brings marvelous characters and a too-funny-for-words story to life. Even the author comments sprinkled throughout the book—à la Carrie in Sex and the City—will have you giggling. What fun, what pleasure, what a read! SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin