Image of Butterfly Swords


Image of Butterfly Swords

If Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon merged with A Knight’s Tale, you’d have the power and romance of Lin’s dynamic debut. The action never stops, the love story is strong and the historical backdrop is fascinating. For the adventurous reader seeking new places to “visit,” this is a treasure.

Defying her parents Al Li flees her wedding to the ruthless Li Tao. Ryam traveled to China from Europe with his swordsman father and became a mercenary. When he sees Al Li fighting off attackers, he comes to the rescue and, though he’s a barbarian, she trusts him. Ryam is attracted to Al Li’s beauty as much as her intelligence, courage and swordsmanship and agrees to escort her home even though it is dangerous for him to enter the capital city. Evading Li Tao’s minions, robbers, false friends and good allies is nothing compared to avoiding the sizzling desire between them. (HARLEQUIN, Oct., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin