Image of Butterfly Tattoo


Image of Butterfly Tattoo

Alternating first-person points of view are a good fit for this story. It's not a quick read, since there is much introspection by the characters, so the book tends to drag, but this is still an interesting journey, with some surprising twists made by the main characters to their final happy ever after.

Rebecca O'Neill, who was an actress until she was attacked by a stalker, now develops scripts. When a blackout brings Michael Warren to her rescue, there is an immediate spark. Michael is still recovering from the death of Alex, the man who was his life partner, and adjusting to being a single parent to their 8-year-old daughter, Andrea, so he is surprised by his attraction to Rebecca. As Rebecca helps Andrea deal with scars, both physical and mental, she and Michael fall in love. While Michael accepts that Alex is the only man he will ever desire, Rebecca fears she won't be enough to satisfy him. When she learns the true dynamics of Michael, Alex and Andrea's relationship, she's even more leery of her ability to be what Michael and Andrea need. (SAMHAIN, Jan., 289 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley