The bicycle craze has hit Manhattan and provided Amanda Blackwell a career as a cycling instructor. Bloomer-clad and independent, Amanda works to support herself and her mentally-challenged bother, Donny, since their father was killed in the collapse of the Continental Theater balcony.

Damian Newcastle's life was shattered in the accident, too, which crippled his son and sent his father to prison as the builder accused of negligence.

Damian has worked to prove his father's innocence and he's planning a feat to restore the Newcastle building reputation: the construction of a 20-story building. All that stands in his way is the building on the adjoining property, Amanda's school.

Amanda has no desire to help a Newcastle and her life is already complicated by her uncle's attempt to have Donny institutionalized. Their ties grow as someone attempts to sabotage the building.

Generous historical details highlight the background of this suspenseful romance. For readers who like a combination of passion and mystery, BUTTONS AND BEAUS should fit the bill. SWEET (Sep., 347 pp.,$5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce