Phoebe Mentel has dreamed of destroying her stepfather, who killed her mother and older sister Kerry Anne. Both Phoebe and he have since changed their names; he now goes by Peter Harding.

Phoebe had escaped Peter with the help of a cyber hacker known as Phagan. A close friend of Kerry Anne, he arranged Phoebes disappearance. She has never met Phagan in person but has become one of his band of cyber hackers and thieves. A U.S. Marshal has his sights set on tracking down one of Phagans loyal followers and another group member has just been murderedand the trail is leading to Phoebe!

Ms. Jones makes a large splash with each new book and BYTE ME is no exception. The intricate plot and compelling characters make this a nail-biting read. (Dec., 300 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith