Image of Cabin Fever (Mediterranean Nights)


Image of Cabin Fever (Mediterranean Nights)
After reluctantly agreeing to a cruise on Alexandra's Dream with her children, her late husband's mother and her niece, the last thing on boutique owner Becky Montgomery's mind is a shipboard romance. But it seems fated. After she finds a pendant said to guarantee its wearer true love, Becky hits it off with Dylan Langstaff, the ship's watersports instructor. Becky's almost ready to move on, and Dylan's the most attractive man she's met in ages -- but her family can't quite accept someone else in her life. Mary Leo's contribution to this continuity series, Cabin Fever (3), has touching and funny moments, and the hero and heroine are likable. But the many peripheral characters and subplots make it hard to get invested in the romance.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer