The latest volume in The Masters of Rome series centers on the most renowned leader of the Roman Empire: Gailus Julius Caesar, a man who inspired loyalty and enmity, fear and passion. As Caesar and his army sweep across Gaul, subduing those who defy the Empire, his enemies in Rome plot his downfall. Cato uses false promises to lure others into his plan to overthrow Caesar before he "destroys the Republic."

McCullough's compelling saga reaches a pinnacle as she vividly recreates the life and legend of Julius Caesar. In her hands, the leader becomes an accessible man with foibles and virtues.

As Rome was in her glory, McCullough is at the height of her storytelling powers, portraying Caesar's world so carefully and colorfully that you become a part of the action, a witness to a world forever changed. (Feb., 700 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin