The nine stories in this book provide
a little something for everyone. The
collection includes contemporaries,
historicals and futuristics. The stories are short but steamy, and perfect for
a quick fix.

Officer Tina Gonzales finds herself protecting the "Bad Seed" who broke her heart and then broke the law ... or did he? Perhaps things aren't always what they seem. An abused wife finally breaks free from her husband and works up the courage to ask for a night of passion from the man she loves with "No Strings" attached.

A workaholic married couple rekindles their passion on a cruise in "Match to Flame." But will the heat remain once they are back to their daily routine? In "Her Bounty," a privateer rescues a maiden at sea -- a rescue that benefits them both. Passion on the high seas has never been like this. Two mothers are tired of waiting for the sparks between their children so they help them along the way -- with a little "Love Potion Number 9."

In "Hotel California," a blue moon exerts the magic of the night and brings two people together. They experience a passion that can't be forgotten. A widow finds it difficult to move on. She will do anything to be with her husband one more time and experience "Our One True Love." But will she realize love is right in front of her?

Lienne is tired of her life and decides to take a trip to Earth. She is about to get more of an adventure than she thought possible in "Star Series, Book IV: Star Struck Lady." In "Star Series, Book V: Star Ravaged Man," Cayana has had her heart broken more than once by Durok.

But she can't walk away from him when he needs her. Is she a fool or has love finally arrived? (Amber Quill, Dec. '05, 220 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers