This is a solid compilation of seven sexy romps that should all be single-title stories. You might just wish they were when you finish this anthology and are left wanting more. Willows' book is a must read for erotica enthusiasts who love happy endings.

"Forbidden Fruit" has a woman finally making a play for the man of her dreams. But it would be so much easier if he weren't her father's best friend. In "Do or Die," a group of friends sets up a coach as an unwitting handyman for a woman who decides she wants him -- after nine months of turning him down.

"I Am for You" features a cursed woman sent forward in time. "One Touch" tells the story of a woman with the healing touch and a man who will do anything to find her again. "High Roller" combines a visitor from another planet and a woman desperate to escape her abusive marriage. In "A Little D.A.B.," fertility drops should do the trick, but this little liquid has potent side effects. In "Thief of Hearts," a thief is out to steal a woman's heart for good. (AMBER QUILL, Oct. '06, 274 pp., $14.50)
Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly