These seven sexy and playful stories run the relationships gamut. There
are those about relationships beginning, ending and the delicious fun in between. The tales may be short, but readers are not shortchanged in terms of emotion, sensuality and passion.

In "Bring Me to Life," Amy Thornton has been grieving for the loss of her husband for two years. Will Josh Colbert bring her back to life? Rob and Liz Bennett find out they can't have children, and neither can Rob's brother Craig and sister-in-law Rachel. But when they are "All Four One," might a miracle or two happen? Aaron Crane thought his world ended with the loss of his fiancee, Melinda, but will he find out differently in "My Salvation"?

As Riley Hathaway's grandmother is losing her life, she helps Riley move on with Patrick Spencer and some "Gypsy Fire." Jodi Leonard is relishing her empty nest -- and the chance to reconnect with her husband of 25 years -- in "Bend Me, Shape Me." Four women who've been friends for almost 40 years plan some fantasy "Playtime" with their husbands. Melanie Jordan is attracted to twin brothers Aaron and Noel Myers, and now that "The Boys Are Back," does she have to choose? (AMBER QUILL PRESS, Mar., 286 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers