Enjoyable for fans of Dailey's Calder saga, though Laura tends to be a rather unlikable heroine, the choices she makes are understandable. Both male lead characters are nicely portrayed, and the motives that drive them are well depicted. Calder Promise is a satisfactory addition to this series.

While on a European vacation with her father's first wife, Tara, Laura Calder meets two men who are attracted to her. American Boone Rutledge is the wealthy son of banker Max Rutledge. Sebastian Dunshill is an Englishman who appears to be distantly related to the Calders. Though attracted to both, Laura favors Sebastian.

But when the motive behind Sebastian's pursuit of her comes into question, she returns home to Montana, where Boone follows her. It isn't long until Sebastian shows up too. However, Laura has already decided who she will marry. Will the dangerous situation that arises show Laura that she may have chosen the wrong man?

(Jul., 304 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley