Image of Caleb (The Shadow Wranglers)


Image of Caleb (The Shadow Wranglers)

McCarty launches The Shadow Wranglers, which introduces the sexy Johnson brothers, and their friends and enemies. This installment has all the elements for success: a fast-paced story with multifaceted characters, scorching sex, deadpan humor and a spunky
heroine who's a perfect match
for her alpha hero.

Allie eagerly awaits visits from the enigmatic Caleb at her bakery. But one day all hell breaks loose when she rescues an injured wolf that morphs into the vampire Caleb. He feeds from Allie to restore his strength, then turns her. His brothers don't understand their strong feelings for her -- until they realize she's pregnant, an unusual condition for a vampire. She cannot shift like the others, but when she begins receiving psychic messages from the vampire cult Sanctuary, she and Caleb respond to the subliminal invitation. Big mistake. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Nov., 400 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown