Image of California Bones (Daniel Blackland)


Image of California Bones (Daniel Blackland)

From the La Brea tar pits to the Santa Monica pier, Eekhout creates a mischievous version of Los Angeles where magic and alchemy reign. Daniel Blackland is like Sandman Slim’s friendlier younger cousin, tasked with finding a family heirloom, perfecting his magic and figuring out just exactly who he is. The first in a trilogy that also stands well on its own, California Bones is hilarious, touching and will leave readers craving an L.A. burrito, or five.

When he was 12 years old, Daniel Blackland lost his father, a powerful osteomancer known for his ability to draw and retain magic from prehistoric bones. Daniel’s been keeping a low profile ever since, getting by as a petty thief and swindler. Southern California’s Hierarch, the leader of a dangerous organization that regulates osteomancy, would have Daniel for lunch — literally — if he knew Daniel was alive. But in order to recover his father’s handmade sword, potent with magic, that was lost to the Hierarch, Daniel must hone his own osteomancy skills and call on his posse of criminal friends for the biggest heist of his life. (TOR, Jun., 304 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna