A run-in with some nasty demons convinces former demon hunter turned soccer mom Kate Connor to come out of retirement. Fifteen years ago, Kate and her deceased first husband, Eric, retired from hunting things demonic to San Diablo, Calif., to start a family. Following Eric's death, Kate and her daughter, Allie, started a new family with attorney Stuart Connor and new baby Timmy. But Kate is keeping her demon hunting a secret from her current husband and family. Only her Vatican Forza Scura contact and her neighbor Laura know Kate's secrets.

Kate and Laura worry when they discover that demons may be invading the local high school. Unfortunately, 14-year-old Allie seems to be in the thick of things. Will Kate be forced to let her daughter know about her demon-fighting heritage? New evidence suggests that Eric was murdered, but can Kate find out why? Also, what's up with handsome and mysterious new teacher David Long? Poor Kate -- juggling family duties and demon killing is just plain exhausting.

Here are more witty, funny and poignant adventures from the marvelous Kenner. Combining PTA dangers with demons certainly keeps the characters on their toes and readers chuckling. (Jun., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith