CALIFORNIA MOON is more than a whodunit, its a terrific chase story that will leave you wondering who will get the girl. Shannon Riley has a past shes running from and wants only anonymity from her life as a nurse in Shreveport, Louisiana. Its this need to be totally alone that helps her connect with her newest patient, a coma victim known only as John Doe who was brought in from a murder site. Ben Richards is assigned to guard the John Doe until it can be determined if he had anything to do with the murder. Despite secrets of his own, he is drawn to Shannon even though she continually pushes him away.

When John Doe comes to, he takes Shannon hostage to protect her and they embark on a cross-country trek to discover who is after them and why. Every step of their journey is shadowed by hit men and Ben Richards, each wanting to find the duo for their own reasons. In a story rife with violence, Ms. Lanigan manages to deliver a good romance. (On-sale Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson