Calista Burke is ecstatic because she has a chance to be a private detective. Not only has she landed the job, she's also landed her first case: the death of a young woman with a missing baby, which could involve money and drugs.

While out celebrating her good fortune, she meets twin brothers Dante and Benito Giancotti. Their twin connection is stronger than most -- they need to share their women. Calista has never been this attracted to any man, let alone two at the same time. She goes home with them and has the time of her life. The twins are both falling in love with Calista, and she can't seem to resist either of them, even if they are overprotective like the males in her family. While their relationship heats up, so does her case.

This book takes the twin bond to a new level entirely. Both men are macho, with Dante wanting to dominate Calista. She takes to the relationship like a duck to water, without losing her independence. Strong has written a wonderful story filled with hot sex, adventure and a bit of mystery. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager