THE CALL OF BRAVERY (4.5) by Janice Kay Johnson: DEA agent Conall MacLachlan is assigned to the hometown he hasn’t returned to in years, to watch a house full of suspected criminals. He starts falling for Lia Woods, whose house the DEA is renting for Conall’s investigation. But being back in Stimson forces Conall to come to terms with his own troubled past, the abandonment of his parents and the sacrifices his older brother Duncan — the town’s police chief — made in order to raise Conall and his other brother. This is a nicely written story with a smoothly flowing plot and well-developed characters. Conall in particular grows as a character when he comes to terms with his older brother. His attraction to Lia and her brood of foster children also grows naturally, as does his realization that he can have love and a relationship.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay