Meggie Bloom knows little about her past. Because of her "unnatural ability" to read minds, Meggie is sent from the orphanage to work with the tortured souls at the Woodbridge Sanitarium. Meggie is content caring for those lost in the dark reaches of their minds, until the day she feels a stranger's eyes watching her and begins to understand the meaning of desire.

Though Lord Hugo Montague had been intrigued by the angelic young woman he saw at the sanitarium, thoughts of marriage are far from his mind, until he loses everything at the gaming tables. When he discovers that his sweet angel is an heiress he decides to marry for money.

Claiming to have fallen in love with her at first sight, Hugo convinces Meggie to marry him. He is an enigma to Meggie, the only person whose mind she cannot read. Believing in him and dreaming of love, a home and family, she accepts his proposal.

Hugo is stunned by the force the sweet innocent has upon him and he falls in love with a passion that stuns him. Not only does Hugo find his wife a delight, but he begins to take a strong interest in the land and his tenants as well as the two old ladies he inherited when he bought his new home.

It is Meggie and her remarkable gift of unconditional love that transforms Hugo, but the day will come when his past and his scheme to marry for money come back to taunt him. Can love save him from dishonor and set his soul free?

Katherine Kingsley's magic touch once more provides an emotional story that combines enchantment and the wonder of love. This is a beautiful and uplifting story-the kind that makes readers sigh with pleasure and smile through their tears. Tender, sweet, joyous, sensual and poignant, this novel is simply wonderful. SENSUAL (May, 389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin