Three years ago, Jason Donavon's life was transformed into the hell he currently inhabits. While on a camping trip with his brother Rick, the two men were savagely attacked by a wolf-like creature. As a result, Jason is transformed into a werewolf. For three years, he searched for the creature that altered him, in hope of killing it. He is told that is the only way for the curse to be lifted.

Continuing his lonely quest, Jason is in a town in the Canadian Northwest when an evil female werewolf confronts him. As the female readies for attack, Jason is stunned when a beautiful young woman of Native American decent steps in to challenge the beast.

Tala Soaringbird is doing what she does best. As ashi'doltii, or the chosen one, it is Tala's fate to protect her people from the Unma Kin Sica, or werewolf. When a second werewolf joins in the fight, Tala finds she is outnumbered, but suddenly, to her surprise, Jason is fighting beside her. Torn, Tala takes Jason deep into the wilderness where her people lived for centuries as a secret race. Their law dictates that Tala should have killed Jason, but she senses that maybe he can be saved. If he learns to control the beast within, he might be able to live without killing others. Unfortunately, time is running short with the impending arrival of a pair of deadly beasts and the approach of the full moon.

Building on characters that were first introduced in the After Twilight anthology, Ms. Thompson put a clever and intriguing new spin on werewolf mythology. Rich with ancient myths and modern-day passion, CALL OF THE MOON is very satisfying reading. (Nov., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith