Image of Call of the Trumpet


Image of Call of the Trumpet

Desert legends, slave auctions and life in the desert are only a part of Rosburg's latest historical. Death, love and politics also play a part in the lives of the hero and heroine in this compelling tale of trust and romance. Throw in a wolf attack and marriage as a second wife and you'll be rapidly flipping pages.

For Cecile, half desert woman and half French, life changes after she loses her beloved father. She makes the decision to go to North Africa to find her mother's people. But she's kidnapped and sold at a slave auction -- only to be rescued by a sensual and masked stranger. He's the man she's come to seek aid from, Matthew, who is known as El Faris.

Matthew thinks the daughter of his father's friend is prickly but beautiful. He's destined to see her safely to her adoptive desert father but realizes that he'll have a hard time letting her go. Love finds a fragile hold as Cecile faces her destiny and discovers that in order to love, one must first learn to trust. (Medallion, Aug., 311 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith