This quick and quirky book has colorful supernatural characters -- lycans and farfadets. Discovering a unique species, and their unusual society, is fun, and sexy and amusing characters deal with lust, love and commitment as sexual chemistry turns into an emotional connection. The plot is interesting and fast moving, and the conclusion is inventive, if a bit predictable. Readers who want a light pick-me-up
will enjoy this spicy romp.

Natasha Abbey is an uptight etiquette coach who has no idea her new client is a bad-boy lycan. Roark O'Connell was drunk when his brother hired her on a bet, and he doesn't remember a thing. But when she shows up at his door, it's lust at first sight.

He won't rest until she's his, but his desire awakens something in her that may doom any chance of romance. (ELLORASCAVE.COM, dl $4.45)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski