Image of A Callahan Wedding


Image of A Callahan Wedding

A CALLAHAN WEDDING (3) by Tina Leonard: Jonas Callahan has returned to the family ranch just in time for his baby brother’s wedding, but he only has eyes for maid of honor Sabrina McKinley. When he left for Ireland he believed she was pregnant with another man’s child. However, the baby looks a whole lot like a Callahan — actually, a lot like him. Sabrina is shocked when Jonas returns home, especially with a fiancée in tow. When the truth comes out about Sabrina’s baby, she and Jonas will need to work on their trust issues, even as the secrets surrounding Jonas’ parents begin to unravel. Leonard’s latest edition of her Callahan family saga is a satisfactory one. While readers will definitely be intrigued both by the conclusion of the family mystery and Jonas’ romance, they will also enjoy hints about what the future holds for the Callahans.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper