Carter's Hex Appeal series goes from good to great with this phenomenal novella that is sure to have readers buzzing. "Calling Back Love" is a paranormal erotic romance that contains the perfect balance of all three genres. With witchcraft, scorching hot sex and the kind of enduring love that one can only be lucky enough to find in real life, the author knows exactly what she's was doing. Despite this being a shorter story, it wasn't rushed and gave us just enough time to connect with the bold characters who come to life (literally!) with ease.

With the help of her witchcraft mentor, Kirsten concocts a temporary spell that alters time so her fiancé can return to life after his horrific death in Afghanistan. Shawn comes from a long line of military men and against Kirsten's wishes, he insists on one more tour of duty that results in his untimely demise. Kirsten interferes with destiny for a chance at a proper goodbye, which will bring Shawn back for only two nights and a day. The time travel spell proves to be a success and they reunite for thirty-six hours of passionate lovemaking. But, when his time is up, their shared "dream" could turn into a nightmare that leaves them wondering if the past can be changed for good. (ELLORA’S CAVE, Oct., dl., $5.60)

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Reviewed by: 
Jamie A. Geraldi