Set in Toronto, the steamy m/f/m liaison featured in d’Abo’s latest will have erotica buffs shouting, “O Canada!” from the very beginning. The author grants full access and a free membership to an adult club where anything goes, for all readers who dare to enter her mind and mingle with characters who wear their hearts on their sleeve. This book is proof that hockey isn’t the only sport played in the Great White North.

Besides being the owner of Mavericks, an exclusive sex club, Josh Scott holds another title: matchmaker. His assistant, Beth Norris, has had the hots for Oliver Stephenson since he was granted the new bartending position. Bi-curious Oliver is attracted to her also, but he can’t suppress the tingly feeling in his gut when he’s close to leather-clad Josh. The entire trio is scarred by past relationships and, when lightning strikes, they discover three’s company, not a crowd. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi